Light aviation airpark “Manushkino”

der. Manushkino, Vsevolozhsky district, Leningrad region

The concept of development of territories of airfield of light aircraft for placement of the airsports and recreational center.

An important feature of this concept is that in addition to the buildings of administrative and technical functions, the developers planned to build a small village for fans of small aircraft. Moreover, the possibility of installing hangars for personal aircraft was provided on some of the plots for the construction of individual cottages.

One of the versions of the planning solution of the territory allowed to separate routes of personal vehicles of owners of houses and taxiways for Parking of light aircraft in the personal hangars. The result was two isolated “road networks”: one for pedestrians and cars, the other for private aircrafts.

The concept was approved by the Committee on architecture and urban planning of the Leningrad region.

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