Residentioal complex “Volgar”. Territory development concept of districts 3 and 5A

Samara city

When developing a proposal for the construction of the last stage of the residential complex “Volgar” in Samara, we offered the Customer to apply an integrated approach in the design of multi-format residential buildings. This will create the most comfortable and sustainable living environment in the new area.

Background and area resources


1. Microdistricts 3, 5A are implemented as the last stage of the residential area “Volgar”, by the time of their implementation, already built residential areas will create a serious customer base for placing a large number of objects within walking distance in the first floors.

2. The plots have a complex configuration in the Eastern part along the chain of lakes (oxbows) and the terrain inside (dried fragments lakes system), which dictates the location of these zones of recreation and leisure (most likely due to the geological and hydrogeological characteristics, soil) in accordance with the approved project plan in these areas is a Park

3. The plots are saturated with social infrastructure facilities in accordance with the current standards and regulations (secondary schools, pre-school institutions, sports center, children’s additional education center)

4. Social facilities and Park areas form local areas of housing on the territory of microdistricts, creating opportunities for the emergence of buildings of different morphologies (quarterly, combined, point sparse).

Key idea


1.If we form a system of internal park spaces connected by pedestrian routes with natural water bodies, the resulting natural frame can serve as the basis for the formation of residential buildings of a higher class (comfort, comfort+ )

2.If, using the already used construction technologies and standard solutions, change the planning and space-planning solutions in the direction of more comfortable for residents, it is possible to obtain a product at the output either more expensive or more competitive in consumer qualities at the same price.


Basic documentation


As the source data for the development of the concept of building 3 and 5A districts, we focused on the data of the approved draft plan of the residential district “Volgar” in terms of placement of objects of social infrastructure, population areas and utilization areas. Since this concept is not a project proposal, but an illustration of the possibilities of the territory, our technical and economic parameters is 15-20% different from the data of the PPT, and in a number of indicators – in a big way. In our calculations, we focused on the current Local standards of urban planning design of Samara, in terms of the General situation – on the data of the Master plan of Samara in its latest edition and on industry schemes in terms of the development of the street and road network of Samara.

The scheme of placing of objects of social infrastructure


Secondary schools



Preschool children facilities


Сommercial premises in the 1-st floors of buildings


Social infrastructure facilities

Park and pedestrian areas


Intra-district parks


External green areas and enviromental sites


Routes of pedestrian traffics


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