Recreation centre on the Petrovskoye lake

Building land is situated 50 km from St. Petersburg in the woods on the shore of Petrovskoye Lake.

Low - rise residential complex Kasimovo.

The planning design of the residential complex provides for the incremental territory development which allows to implement changes to the types and characters of the housing in accordace with the residential market fluctuations staying the the frameworks of current urban legislation.

Private residence

The building is located on the shore of the Gulf of Finland. INOX Project Group designs interiors of this house from a sketch to a detail design. Also we supply furniture, equipment and finishing materials for this project. Main concept of Interior design is light decoration in classic manner. In this work we were inspired of British and Petersburg private residences of XIX century.

Office of design - bureau Volga Volga

Design Bureau "Volga Volga" at the time of the construction of this office was a young creative team of designers involved in the development of advertising and corporate identity.

Private residence

The building plot is located 10 km from St. Petersburg in a picturesque wooded park on the shore of the pond. In this project INOX Project Group is the full cycle clerk of the designing from the foundation to the interior design and engineering.

Office of design - studio "Deza"

Office of advertizing agency GREAT

Advertising agency "Great" - one of the largest companies in St. Petersburg on the field of designing and production of promotional products.

Public and business centre

The area for Administrative and Business Center is located in the established city environment at the cross-road of Revolutsii shosse and energetikov prospect.

Multibrand Boutique DAYNIGHT

Concept of boutique’s interior made in minimalist tradition. The main idea of Customer was: goods have to play major role in the shop. Some items of trading equipment are mobile. For example – in the basement of clothes racks were installed castors and batteries. Batteries supply electrical energy to the LED lights, recessed into the racks.

Low-rise residential complex

On stage one INOX formulated the Development scheme of the territory directly next to Pavlovskij park for location of low-level and cottage housing.

Appartments of composer Antony Bonamici

Space of apartment was formed by merging the two communal flats.

Autocentre Mercedes - Benz in St. Petersburg

Architectural concepts for Olymp Company. The building is supposed to use as the flagship center for sales and service Mersedes Benz vehicles.

 Office of ILLAN Group

Multidisciplinary business of Illan group requires multifunctional office space. The staff of company consists of 40 people, the size of the office – 400 sq. m.

Apart-hotel with a tennis club in St. Petersburg

The concept of appart-hotel with tennis club provides for the maximum opening of the objects into the park surroundings which is typical for the historical development in the area.