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As a basic color solution in the main premises, we used the company’s corporate colors. At the same time, we kind of «put the world on its head»: as a floor covering used yellow rubber coating, and hung from the ceiling decorative wooden structure. This design is figuratively reminiscent of a triangular grid, which is usually used to build the earth’s topography in architectural and animating 3D-apps.

In the hall of the first floor, we have further enhanced the effect of «inverted world»: erecting on the wavy suspended ceiling of artificial turf.


With the filing of our Customers, we used an unusual technique when zoning the premises: the size of the jobs were reduced to an ergonomic minimum. This made it possible to free up space for a multifunctional space — the so-called «Creative zone». During working hours employees can move here and in a more relaxed atmosphere to poetiziruet or hold a brief meeting with the group working on the project. This zone is also used as an Adjile space and, from time to time, as a conference hall.


In small rooms (offices) we used wall graffiti as the main decorative reception

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